The following are dreams and visions of LadyTia's from as far back as she can remember. The dream titles and years are in bold; the visions' titles & years, in italic.

Western Sun 1990

I was riding in my father's truck with my father and one of my brothers, and I looked straight ahead. A large radiant disc that looked like the sun had crashed on the Earth. As I looked about I noticed all the cars on the road were driving mindlessly into the Sun. This really freaked me out esp. when I looked at the faces of the people driving into the sun. Then I looked at my father and brother's faces. They had that same straight faced look as all the other people in the other cars.

I didn't like it one bit so I crawled over my brother and jumped out the window, rolling onto the grass on the side of the road, and sat on the grass watching all the people in vehicles driving mindlessly into the Sun.

Arcane Lovecraftian Asylum 1998

Through long white corridors I walked, passing by people whose ages varied. The white walls represented a cleanliness that could only exist in an alien interpretation of a seemingly supportive depiction of the human medical community and their attempt to keep their patient's minds at ease. Although, these patients each suffered from a variety of ailments, the likes of which seem unreal. While some were completely immobile with puss-filled sores and cysts all about their flesh, others walked slowly occasionally spurting out fragments of half-delusional madness; a madness that became silenced everytime the administrators came around. Doctors and nurses looked impecable in their sterile, white uniforms. Claiming without verbal communications that they are indeed, the only hope for their patients, and at the same time, conveyed no emotion towards the patients of this lifeless institution. There were windows barracaded by cross-contoured screens and it was always night out. I stepped out of my room donned in a white hospital gown with tiny blue cornflower designs upon it and walked towards a large room that had been set up as a means of entertainment for the patients. Apparently I was apart of the patient cohort, though was neither disease infested nor insane. I knew well enough that this sterile environment was engineered and could feel very few people could be trusted. Just then, an old friend entered the room who seemed to have been on some heavy medication. A very energetic individual, he always had an agenda to stir up chaos and anarchy wherever he would go; that was Mitchell. I was horrified at the sight of these people, witnessing their lifeforces slowly being drained from them. Those doctors and nurses, they were feeding off of it. Contemplating a way to make my escape, I turned to Mitchell. He too was being severely drained though still had enough power in him to catch the attention of anyone who remained the slightest bit levelheaded. At the first sign of a sadness overcoming me about my situation, Mitchell stood up from across the room and began pelting me with wadded up sheets of paper. I looked over at him with a face of confusion for a moment and then smiled, continuing my mental search for a scheme to become free from this frightful imprisonment. The nurses later carted him off, claiming he was causing too much commotion and stirring up our cohort, when in fact, all he stirred up was me. His attempts at interjecting chaos into the alien, sterile environment had succeeded, and I continued my silent search for a means to end the ever-present institutional tyranny.

Dragons 1998

I dreamt I was walking in a forest grove and had seen dragons passing by me. Up ahead of me in the heart of the glen was another dragon. Within a few seconds I had gone from seeing the dragon from a distance to up close. Up close was strange because the huge green dragon I saw looked like it was a mosaic, all blocky like really cheap graphics. There had been four dragons I had seen in the grove in that dream.

Zombie Chase 1999

Somehow zombies were resurrected and after me. They chased me in an office building and I made it to a boardroom high up in the building. When I got there I shut the door. I turned to see a table made to look like someone's altar, but I did not see who that someone was, as there was nobody in the room but me. I knew I was safe in there and sure as enough, the zombies couldn't penetrate the area. A corporate boardroom sanctuary, heh, there's quite a bit of humor to that.

Dragons 2000

Someone talked about the "original" watchtowers, which were stones, and how if, in my presence, the guardians of the gate would come and I conjured fire. (its still odd to me)

Death/Rejoining the Cosmos 2001

In this dream I'm fiddling with something in a room with a black canopy bedframe. I'm waiting for one of my closest friends to come over. I look at a clock (I had in my bedroom when I lived in Florida) on the wall. I move it with my mind. I put it back. My friend shows up. I tell her to watch for a moment and I do it again with the mind moving clock thing. This time it comes towards us hovering solidly over the bed. I lose my concentration and it falls to the bed. It slides off the bed and hits the floor, breaking; time stopping at 12:15.

We walk around the bed to a safe where I pull out something that looks like a set of bagpipes but has surges of red going through it and instead of pipes are tentacles. It was a weapon crafted from the tentacles of eyeball beings known in certain types of role playing games as beholders but the being from which the weapon was made I had called a 'cyber beholder'. Anyways, I was supposed to manifest physical duplications of the weapons and store two of them in the safe, along with myself, so that my friend could use the weapon on the cyberbeholders as they approached. My purpose or pseudo purpose in the dream was already clear. They came too soon though, and I didn't have time to get in the safe with the weaponry (from the outside the safe looked small, but the inside of the safe was actually a limitless amount of space as big as any regular sized room). I watched as my friend shot two fire pulses at these creatures and killed two. One had gotten past her defensive line and moved slowly around the darkest parts of the room. It crept about a table to which I was on the other side.

Somehow it got a hold of my leg with its tentacles and tried dragging me towards it. This freaked me out so I kicked to freedom and ran as fast as I could. Suddenly I stopped in my tracks wondering why when I knew I had the capability to stop the thing. So I turn around and gaze at the creature and by my very gaze it shrivels up and drops lifelessly to the floor. While that's all well and good, it was something I wasn't supposed to do and I know this because after I killed it, I too dropped lifelessly to the floor. I stood and looked down at my body. It was very strange dying in a dream like that. Suddenly every detail in the room turned to a dark mass, and I was surrounded by darkness. Then small light sources started appearing in the dark room and it looked as though I was standing in a room full of stars. A great light was moving along the right side of the wall to the right of the door, revealing silhouettes of trees where walls should be. As it came closer to the doorway everything got brighter, and then this ball of light shoots straight through the doorway and into me. It had rejoined with me, or I with it.

Seeing Tibet from India 2001

I stood somewhere on a mountain in India and could see a temple in Tibet as though it were in perfect line of sight and not very far away.

Iridescent Charm/Glok Preoccupied 2001

My boyfriend meets me at home (where i lived in Florida) and we decide to go out to eat to a really nice restaurant. We're sitting there enjoying each other's company and the atmosphere when out of nowhere blows a cloud of smoke and overwhelms him. I look around and see a waiter not doing anything but just standing with his back against a wall and he looks familiar. My boyfriend started having such a severe reaction to the smoke that he suffered coughing spasms and then his eyes foamed up - something was severely wrong but nobody would call for help. An ambulance did show up but the next thing I know I'm on a bus ride to where I lived in Florida. Waiter is sitting behind me, pestering me.

Next thing I know I'm rummaging through some stuff at home near a field, and a bunch of people are there.

The waiter from the restaurant approaches me and says, "you're not going to find it." He then walks off. The sky was very stormy. Suddenly I remember what I was looking for and run around to the front yard where the front of the house looks like the house I lived in, in South Florida. I walk up to the wall just right of the front door. I smash it and remove a brick. Behind it is an inlaid tile with colours of blue, sea green, and pearly white. However what I was looking for wasn't there.

I look through the window next to the wall I busted and I see Glok. I'm trying to get his attention but I can't because he's too distracted by himself; talking to a wall and waving his arms about.

Vampire Inquisition 2001

I'm over at a friend's house spending the night with her and some guy knocks on the door. I answer the door to see this odd looking fellow who begins insinuating that we (my friend and I) are hiding a Vampire and tries to interrogate me at the door. I tell him we're not and he decides to try to act intimidating and tells us he'll be back.

The next morning we come out of the house and see a vampire bound and murdered on the steps of my friend's front lawn.

12:15 2001

In this dream I was telling someone about an earlier dream of mine, in which I died. The first dream I had in which I died. In the middle of explaining the death dream I was interrupted by a guy my age who said, "12:15, eh?"

I asked him how he knew that and he replied, "Its coming."

Death by Zombies/Resurrection by Guardian 2001

I walk out in the front yard and see zombies coming out of the ground and in my front yard(when I lived in Florida) and somehow I run down my driveway and make it to the street. I'm out there with others who don't know what to do and someone suggests we get the hell out of there. Before doing so I turn around and pick up a bludgeoning weapon and as I do a few zombies are upon me.

Instead of run I face one and in the process of trying to land a hit on the zombie I miss and it drives a piercing weapon through me, essentially killing me. Next thing I know, I open my eyes and look upward to see a long haired male warrior-defender type standing over me, with a look of concern upon his face.

"What happened," I asked him.

"You were dead, so I resurrected you," he replied, and then he helped me up and we walked off. We were the only two who walked away from that.

Broomstick 2002

I'm walking into a club and there's all these people, but people give me anxiety so I turn down a long corridor and through a white door I go. I see some people on occasion, but keep walking and come to another door. I walk in it and grab a broomstick that was leaning up against a wall. A youngster walkes in with his broomstick and says "your your hand on the platform" - a 3 by 3 inch square tablet that was designed to scan to see if I was chosen for some particular mission. So I put my hand on it and he says, "nope, you're not it", and i reply "okidoki" and take off walking around with the broomstick, holding it as I would hold my staff (yes I have a staff).

Choosing the Proper Path 2002

I run into a predicament and hop in a car and within seconds, I'm in Florida, instead of Missouri (where I currently live). I'm at my father's house, and I walk in the back door and go to the spare bedroom where one of my best friends is sleeping. I could see what he was dreaming about which was strange since I hadn't been able to do that before. I woke him up and he wasn't surprised to see me. We walk through a door and wind up in a giant cavern with tiles on the walls and he tells me that each tile is a doorway to some other world or place and that its up to me to choose the right one.

Later on I'm sitting up in bed by myself when out of nowhere storms toward me this arrogant, hot headed fellow with bright red curly hair and very regal attire. He begins to yell and scream about how outraged he is that I'd rather not be with a God, i.e. him, and grabs the collar of my shirt. Lifting me by the collar and soves me into a nearby wall. I was honestly way too surprised to act accordingly. He then begins to tell me that he could just send me to a realm of mirrors and threatens to do so in such a way that I actually see myself there as he's talking.. a strange place that reflects and distorts all kinds of things. Although, I was not sent there.

Iridescence 2002

I dreamt I described to someone a dream I had in a dream about a race of beings I had seen whose wings were an iridescent green (along w/ the rest of their bodies), who, when seen by others, appeared as though they were wearing cloaks or robes of the same iridescent green colour.

Animal/Vampiric Evolution 2002

Here's an interesting one. It starts off as some friends and I are planning on moving to a different location and we decide we're going to meet up at a certain time on a certain day in a certain location - but something stops all that, some greater design. I'm in a one story apartment bedroom with a stranger but he's very familiar. Long dark hair, soft pale skin, enchanting dark eyes, the usual. We're having a conversation about a gift he gave me...a long pair of leather (patent and pvc gloss) gloves he had aquired with the sole purpose of giving to me. He himself went on to say how he would never wear them for they're too uncomfortable. I related with a similar anecdote on how uncomfortable my boots are, and yet I still wear them. While we're engrossed in our own little world, a friend of his finally decides he's absolutely bored with our spectacle and went out into the night to feed. Yeah, both he and his friend were/are vampires. The guy and I get a little closer and the energy it feels so natural. I decide because of him that i'm not gonna go fulfill some stupid desire to move with a bunch of girlfriends I really can't stand anyways. It turns out to be a good decision because afterwards, a strange evolution begins.

The gorgeous vamp is bitten by a fly and then the same fly goes and bites a badger. Next thing I know I'm in an open field being knocked down by said badger. Apparently it kept coming at me because of its innate sense from the vampire. Meanwhile, said vampire starts to grow sick because of the bite.. and the evolution begins to seed very rapidly. The vamp's friend approaches me and stands next to me, noting how things have found a way of unfolding in a very odd manner.

Cyborgs/Underground Excavations 2002

This is a lot like an indiana jones scene, so bear with me. There is a group of people I am with, and we were doing some sort of excavation somewhere in a land full of mountains and underground caverns, and something happens, the ground splits and a light comes from below.

It traces through the rock and turns it into rock formations with neon glow in the form of gridlines all throughout the rock formations in the underground caverns.. and a few of us are hanging on trying not to fall. We climb up to a safe location and find one member of our group lying on the rock with part of her intestines missing; but her internal organs weren't organic, they were comprised of hardware, so part of her mechanical intestines were hanging out of her center torso, sparking quite badly.

We were in need of some sort of ammunition to fix her center torso, uhm yeah, she's a mechanical thing. The leader of the group was growing irate about our situation. Finally we decide to work our way towards the surface, which is why the gridlines were there to begin with...pointing the way out. Not sure what comes after that but this innate feeling of something that is deeply a part of me but i can't put it into words.. eh.. dream end.

Gathering/Cyborg Mortality-Immortality 2002

A few of us had met up through what means? That isn't important. What is important is that we met up. We learned there were a number of us who had met up, whose life forces for whatever reason, had been sustained by a chip of some sort, but something went terribly wrong.

People who had been going on the chip for years suddenly started dropping dead. And after a while it had only been two of us left, myself, and some other guy. Each person had died in a gruesome and horrific way so the two of us just sort of waited to see what would transpire.

Oddly enough it didn't happen to us, or so we thought. Suddenly it had and we both were dead but not in a gruesome abrupt way.. more like a gradual passing of time.I looked around slightly surprised by it and he looked around and shrugged his shoulders and we walked off.

Vampires/ Energy Split 2002

In the dream I dreamt that a friend of mine who I had dreamt about many times before had come to see me (him and his vampiric self). When I woke, I woke in a dark hall somewhat like a courtyard and he had approached me. He and I were both aware that I dreamt of him and that it had brought him there. I was explaining some things to him that have been happening lately and he was explaining why they were happening. A bit later on I was elsewhere.. among people in a class of some sort. He shows up again asking me what's up. We chat for a bit and then he's gone again. I sat around a table with some people as they explained how they feel a war begins. One woman gave an explanation of a flowing body of energy that started attacking itself and eventually split apart into separate entities - and it kept splitting off from the original form until reaching the point of war that exists today.

Modern Vampires vs. Ancient birthmarked Vampires 2002

I dreamt I walked around late at night and there were people hanging all over the streets in groups. I passed by some and it was like a night party but when I walked by they were such assholes, smiteful as can be. The next night I walked by again and this time as I walked by I felt more hostility from them. They were supposed to be vampires but clearly that couldn't be right - why would they act like that towards other vampires? Well I get passed them and return to my room where there are other people waiting who apparently didn't know I was a vampire.

Upon realizing, two guys jump up from a couch and start backing away from me, I sigh and mumble. An older woman tells me that her and i should stick together in this mess. Some little youthful one approaches me and tells me that she believes me. Apparently she was just like me - some rare breed of ancient vampire that the street newbies had much distaste for.

A young tall british accented vamp who was with us knew a lot more than he told until he had died - he died protecting the people in my room. After he died we had no outside protection from them, and they in fact went on a rampage after us. However he had warned me that the most dangerous person to me was someone who had claimed to want "to stick together" and just as he mentioned it, a light went off in my head because someone whom I had talked to earlier in the dream made claims that she felt we should 'stick together' in this mess if we wanted to come out alive.

I had a strange birthmark in the dream behind and under my left ear, in the shape of an arrow and it seems whoever saw it knew exactly what it meant - everyone but me that is. At some point in the dream I sat at a window wishing for it to rain outside.

When I woke up, it was raining outside.

Underground Plains 2002

I had a lot of equipment on me - military equipment and I went underground where I was supposed to track down a certain former ops guy who was now permanently living underground. As i walked down a path that led to caves underground, to my right there was a grassy plain where bodies had laid and something kept telling me not to go over there so I didn't.

Further I ventured the creepier it got. Then out of nowhere this guy wearing black jumps out of one of the caves - yup mr. former black ops now lived in a cave with a gate on it. He gave me information about a race of beings who, like him, lived underground and mouths so deformed they had to wear metal masks that kept their long, pointy teeth straight - like vampire braces if one could fathom such a thing. He also had information about the things that dwelled in the underground plains.

Afterwards I headed back up the path seeing the plains off in the distance again and just kept walking until i reached the surface.

Protecting the wee folk/Invasion 2002

In the dream I had a vision that someone I went to school with was spreading info about me around the campus. After the vision ended someone showed up in the room i was in and started telling me all the things that I had seen in the vision, right down to the smallest detail. I looked out a window and got a bad feeling about things.

Next I'm leading a race of beings across several fields in order to bring them to one particular area safely. They were very small - so small they couldn't be seen or at least, nobody other than me could see them. And there was another race of beings that couldn't see me ducking down in bushes leading the small race.

Those came at us in an organized formation but only followed straight lines, and if it wasn't in their field of vision they didn't go after it, so we stayed in a linear formation 3 feet to the left of them, and they went right by us without ever thinking twice.

Finally we get to this one bush and I tell them they should be ok there. I get up and walk around to the front of the building and walk in.. and there are these passageways everywhere so I go up one and stop at a railway. Before I go up though, I see some girl who I know through someone else walk by me and she's a completely different person than before, almost as though she's been controlled by something.

A few hours later I go to the second floor on the building and I see xan and his family and allof a sudden his father is full of a liveliness I've never seen before. He moves around a lot, and its as though there's something inside of him controlling him too but its having difficulty doing so - we all notice the change.

A few hours later the girl I saw walk by me runs into me n Xan and I start telling them that I need to talk to both of them privately, there's a lot I need to tell them - and I was trying to prove a point about her and that I had seen her walk out of a building earlier completely different than she was before but I couldn't remember if it was her or not and she starts accusing me of not even being able to remember if I had even seen her and finally i get irate and tell her my head is like swiss cheese so just sit down and shut up and listen. I was trying to explain that I thought whatever entered xan's father had also entered her, but I was actually trying to play her because she was fully aware of the situation, and the race of 'little people' I was helping early on.

Drugs & Ruins 2002

Another friend of mine is at the house I lived at in Central Florida and tells me he has these pills that could be taken that produce an incredible high but he doesn't have them on him so he has to go get them, so he goes to get them. Meanwhile another friend and I go over to an old abandoned house that was a site of ancient ruins. There was a gigantic cave entrance and I had gone over to a shelf where there were all sorts of jewels.

Another friend walks through a doorway saying that he brought me something - a blue, sea green, and pearl toned agate stone wrapped with a string of amethyst and quartz. And as I was looking at the shelf, pushing indentations I was opening secret passages on the shelf, turning it into a display case revealing all sorts of crystals in large sizes.

And then I'm at a shack in the woods, waiting for someone to arrive. Suddenly an old friend with whom I was very close shows up with a car full of friends. They walk in waving to me as though they know me, but I don't know them. I had given that friend of mine the pills another one had gone to retrieve.

At some point I'm whisked back to the ancient ruins in which something happens to me and i end up unconscious. And every hour I don't get to 0 hit points I risk annihilation and the chance I can never be brought back, so then someone finally heals me to the point where I'm at 0 hit points, and I gradually start to regain consciousness. Meanwhile what I had seen was a body hanging upside down by a rope about the feet that hung from the ceiling. There were two. One was when I had just been knocked out. The other after I had healed. The one of me healed had a hole in the upper back - I guess that's where i pushed open the cocoon.. coming out of the old shell anew in a sense. Some woman was explaining to me the process and it was confusing then.

Western Front 1998

I stood (yeah I was in this one) in a green field and all of a sudden the sky grew intensely dark. I turned to the west and saw a village, off in the distance, destroyed. The people were piled up in pools of blood.

Tuatha Paths 2000

A pathway lit up with the richest colours flowing from red - orange- yellow - green - blue -purple and so forth along a very complex looking piece of celtic knotwork.

Another pathway lit up with tones of grey; black to white to grey, on a simpler piece of knotwork known as a triskelion.

Candle 2000

A whitish candle, lying on burnt orange shag carpet, burning from both ends.

Orb 2001

Two hands emerge like a set of scales offering in each hand an orb. In the left a gold orb, in the right a blue orb.


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