Spirit Guides: A Lesson in Communication

by LadyTia

Spirit Guides appear to us in many different forms, often ones which are most conductive to the needs of the individuals to whom they present themselves. Of course, there's an infinity of forms in which they may appear, for a multitude of goals. From Gods to Angels to Demons purposes could range from observing individual potential to keeping an individual safe from harm.

Not always is the purpose of the communication from Spirit Guide to individual. In some cases the individual has found that they identify so well with a type or several types of non-physical entities that they seek out such entities for help to achieve a goal.

As we learn and grow, we find we may have certain needs for a limited amount of time, and eventually break off from communication with some non-physical entities. In other circumstances our Guides may see that we no longer require their assistance and depart from us, moving on to the next individual in need.

When I was quite young, I had almost drowned. A man, great in size, whom I had associated with the wilderness because of his wild hair and rough barbaric features pulled me out of the water. He continued to watch over me, periodically for 10 years to follow. He was as tall as a giant and reminded me of a lumberjack. Sometimes as I would fall into sleep at night I could feel him sitting behind me, watching over me. After a while, he left on his own.

When I mention Gods among the types of entities which appear as Spirit Guides, I refer to greater and lesser known Deities which, from time to time may appear. Some individuals have claimed to have seen Jehovah appear before them in efforts to protect them from harmful engagements; likewise goals go along with accounts of other Deities such as Cernunnos, Vishnu, Odin, and so forth.

Other entities, the ones we associate as being helpful to the specific goals we set for ourselves may appear as a variety among which Angels, Demons, Faeries, and Dragons are merely a few. Contacting such entities could assist us in our own goals; analyze dreams, aid us in our magical works, and even guide us on a path of enlightenment through learning to understand our Guides as well as ourselves. I, myself, have been visited by Watchers and Demons on rare occasions and either looked upon or assisted in a protective manner. Likewise, I've also had contact with Dragons and Faeries, though the goals for contact with them have not always been for my protection.

While I've been visited by Spirit Guides independently and called upon some as well, the majority of my communication with non-physical entities has occurred in the ethereal, and in dreams. Its been rather easy for me to slip into both physical and ethereal for whatever purpose. Sometimes there's a serious lot of questions that I need answered which can only be done by crossing over into the realm of Dragons, and when that is the case I go. Other times, its into a realm where Tuatha de Danaan exist. For visits to either Dragons or Danaan, the goal could range from personal questions to more universal quandaries. There have also been times when I have been contacted not because I needed protection but because they did.

As I previously hinted towards, the lesson in communication that is the bond between the magical practitioner and all the Spirit Guides with which they are in contact is not for the sole benefit of just one party, but rather both sides. Despite the fact that they may have a wider immediate scope of things than we sometimes do, we are similar in many ways. Working with our Spirit Guides is just as vital to the needs of progression that comes from, say, working with the Gods.

There are other ways in which we may have contact with Guides. One, for example, would be if they are with us constantly, not as a Spirit floating behind us everywhere we go or sitting in a chamber in a realm we visit, rather, something much more personal. Say, for instance, you had a material possession which contained an essence, that you carried around with you all day, every day. Amulets or weapons for example work perfectly in such a case. Chances are, the spirit would essentially be a part of you, after bonding to you, though separate enough in its own right to help guide and protect you from day to day. If we were aware, we might see a figure move against the refraction of light in a clear quartz stone or stone-cut design.

Last year, I met a woman not far from where I live who had one such Guide inside of an opalescent piece of jewelry she wore around her neck. She saw me from a distance and when she noticed my pentacle, she approached me and asked me some questions about her necklace. Inherently I knew exactly what she had. Now I'm not about to suggest that the rules of communication with Spirit Guides are always the same, regardless of what forms in which they appear, because I'm sure that is certainly not the case. They seem to vary in circumstance and add to the journey on the path that we walk enriching our lives with a multitude of experiences. Sometimes, the non-physical entities we refer to as our Guides come to us in the form of dreams, or fill us with words of wisdom just after we wake, in this language, or others. Working with Spirit Guides does not always include knowledge acquired through complete seriousness of a situation. It is a lesson in communication. A lesson in spiritual relationships, which helps further define and understand our own spiritual nature.



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