>>RP'Kin: The Most Elaborate of Them All





By LadyTia

A continual animosity grows between people who seek spirituality (in Otherkin communities) and those who mocke it. As Mythology outlines, sources are abound - both accurate and erroneous. It is not the individual to blame for finding a single source of info, whther accurate or false, but s(he) who finds nothing to contrast with the single source (including personal intuition) is most certainly to blame. There is a term which has been coined within the past two years; RP'Kin. It refers to a phenotype of Otherkin who are often found in Otherkin communities, describing themselves in terms of role playing styles who fervently believe in all they have to say. This is NOT directed at people who play Role Playing games, but is directed at those who fail to divide game play from reality.

A majority of offline source material have been found to consist of terminology from video games and Role Playing Gaming manuals. The information gathered and implemented into the awakening tales of the RP'Kin are often very detailed and elaborate. For example:

Baldar: I am Baldar, a bald fire-dragon. My body is 37m long, and my wingspan is 52m long. I lost my mother in a war with hoomanity. I hate 'dem hoomans. She was caught in a bloody and explosive battle on the lower East-side of the River Ettrix in a land called...Acheron. I didn't have a father, just a mother - she was asexual. Our whole race reproduces by the process of osmosis (even the males). I can change into my trueform at will. And when there's a full moon out I shift into the form of a lupine-demon-lioness.

Some issues one might have with such a story would be:

If she is a "mother" how can she be "asexual"?
If he's a "fire-dragon" shouldn't his hair be resistant?
What is the likelihood of humans in Acheron remotely behaving like humans on Earth?
If all persons on Earth are in human bodies, wouldn't Baldar's hate towards humanity come across as ironic, considering he is inhabiting a human body?
Is the "metric system" not just a human-european concept anymore?
How does Baldar know he's a lupine-demon-lioness under a full moon? Does he ever see himself in a mirror? Does he break it? What characteristics does he experience that would convince him to label himself?
Asexual? By osmosis? I'm not even touching that one.

RP'Kin often prove their lack of devotion and seriousness by settling immediately on a few quick definitions without taking the time to analyse differences between sources let alone by employing a bit of introspection into their own personal lives. Interestingly enough, these are the same people who complain most frequently about the following:

a) Not being believed (as if there's a level of dependency necessary in having others believe his/her story)
b) Being on the receiving end of the most numerous and hostile form of intolerance (to suggest the very act of asking questions is an immediate and forceful attack upon the storyteller's credibility and mental status. This kind of activity is not solely limited to the Otherkin community. Defensive outbursts of this magnitude can be found anywhere there exists people who prefer to march under orders instead of thinking first.)

It is most unfortunate people such as RP'Kin have infiltrated and (in some cases) have helped to create, allow and perpetuate the cycles of complacency in a subject area designed on its ever-changing potential. However, because of the many examples out there which show people on a path to learning about themselves there have been plenty of examples time and time again of exactly what to avoid. These examples reafirm the notions that the further one walks on a path the narrower it becomes and better to have not sacrificed quality for quantity. Such ideas make it easier to separate the RP'er from the seeker.

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