By LadyTia

I once looked up at the night sky, remembering Van Gogh's starry night; remembering all the enchanting songs that have passed through my ears as I sit at my computer late at night, through night's dreaming sphere. I remember looking up with great wonder as a child, the same as I do tonight.

Not too long ago I was asked by an otherkin friend how far my memories go back, and I sat and slipped into a meditation. I focused quite easily on the stars as though it were second nature. And each one I passed as I saw it from where I am now; from Earth my spirit skipped each star and watched as a part of myself walked out of me and skipped on stars forming pathways in all directions.. and I realized either I've had no point of origin or it goes back too far for me to see at this point in my awakening. Past the dark ages, past Atlantis, even past the slaying of Tiamat.

I know there are Celestials, and there are Angelics. Sometimes they're the same thing. The Celestial-Angelic I refer to myself as, is not the Angelic standard that can be considered in association with Yahweh, rather, one of the Celestials or Guardians. Guardians of Earth, the universe, or as i like to call it, Guardians of Paradise, as a bit of a sarcastic play on what Earth used to be, long ago.

I recently discovered that my family crest is translated to mean "to protect or be in the service of God(s)." If I had any doubt before about the Celestial-kin, there is information that begins to bring it into perspective.

There are other types of Angelic than what I've just described. Some are servants of particular deities in that they serve under Gods such as Yahweh. These would be the ones with particular pull towards religious beliefs such as Christianity or Gnosticism. Some Angelic are Angel like in nature, whereas others are deemed more like Guardians or Watchers; Celestials or Starseeds.

Of Watchers there are many; Watchers who choose neither the path of light or dark; Watchers who, like Guardians are moved towards more religious influences - where the religious influences do not denote a specific type of religious belief (meaning any one or combination of religions).

Traditionally the more known Watcher mythos come from the Middle East cultures. In Egypt, the Egyptians wrote that they came from Ta-Ur, the "foreignland." The Egyptian term "neteru" means guardians. In Hebrew the Watchers were a specific race of divine beings known as "nun resh ayin", or those who watch or those who are awake. The early books of the bible speak of "malachim", or angel, which literally translated means messenger. As recounted in the Dead Sea Scrolls, two-hundred Watchers descended on Ardis, the summit of Mount Hermon, placed in the most northerly region of Ancient Palestine. From here they descended and each took an earthly spouse. These unions produced children of extraordinary size, which were later equated with the lineage of the Grigori(malachim).

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