By LadyTia

"I used to say things, strange things. Things that were actually a reflection on one of my previous lives, and these statements I would blurt out without realizing it. Of course people just thought me weird and thought nothing more on the matter but I knew there was a reason why I was saying the things I would say. They were reflections on a life as a one quite familiar with the dark mysteries of the magical arts; a Necromancer. "

All around the awakening is basically a period of re-evaluation of one's self. As I said before the awakening is when the subject realizes that they aren't completely (or at all) human in spirit. Sometimes they develop a new perspective on life, which could be any or a combination of the perspectives the subject had in previous lives. It is also a process wherein the subject delves into the self through different techniques to learn more about the self. Such techniques are among regressions and tracing past lives. Other things that seem to assist some Otherkin have been meditation, artwork, and writing.

Meditations have long assisted in people with quieting the mind and reaching a state of calm. This is no exception regarding awakenings. Recording them afterwards is also good for keeping track of the meditations and how they affected the subject. Artwork is one of my favourites. For a while now I've been drawing figures which have seldom triggered memories for myself, but seem to immediately trigger memories for those around me. So I keep drawing, hoping someday I'll be able to piece it all together. Writing is useful on a few levels. While it is useful to vent your personal feelings about the changes going on in and around you, it is doubly useful in meditative circles as automatic writing.

There are different kinds of awakenings which are bound to occur. The slow awakening, the gradual awakening and the sudden awakening. In the slow awakening the subject finds things out over a long period of time and after a while starts piecing things together. In the gradual awakening things eventually make sense and memories start coming back the further the subject goes with his/her awakening. The sudden awakening is a speedy recovery of memories and awareness in which something triggers the subject into remembering; the subject can be triggered by nearly anything. Some, however, are not so lucky.

Some who have awakened can not remember much if anything about their true selves at all, which is most often referred to as LostKin. In many cases, among Otherkin, and Lostkin, the subject can count more abilities than memories. I honestly take this as part of the slow long process. Perhaps there's a stronger need for the abilities than the memories at that particular time. If that's the case don't worry about it and just let it flow. I shall go further in depth on abilities next time with a discussion on senses.

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