By LadyTia

Alone stood he, of long dark locks, donned in a black trenchcoat and 6 red wings stretching out from his back, behind the trenchcoat. Slowly he rose high above his dusty gothic castle. Two men standing on the other side of the waters watched in great fear. With the outward thrust of his hand he sent a bolt of energy so sharp and powerful that it soared like a pike straight through these two men's hearts and to the ground with the pike they went. The winged one rose higher in the air, mocking the two men with maniacal laughter which seemed to beckon lightning to pour from the ominous skies.

Imagine waking from this dream through the perspective of either of the two men killed. Imagine waking from this dream through the perspective of the demon lord who killed the two men. A dream or memory? Where was this place? Why did this event happen? When?? These are things some Otherkin think about when they wake from interesting dreams. Some have said they don't believe dreams are relative to their awakening process; others feel that dreams are highly relative and divulge a lot of hidden information.

"I dreamed I was online talking to some friends, when I blacked out in the middle of the conversation. When I came to I realized what had happened was that I'd been pulled out of my body. Then I was in the upstairs washroom, but it was dimly lit and I could barely stay awake. Finally my senses began to clear a bit and I looked into the mirror in the bathroom and saw an image of a tall pale woman with long black hair and green eyes. I looked into her eyes, my eyes, and declared 'I am a dream warrior'. I then turned and went to my bedroom and lay down and went to sleep." - Anonymous. In this one it appears that a sudden awareness has come to the dreamer in which she declares it. It seems as though that the entire point was for the dreamer to become aware of this realization.

While dreams do not serve as an outlet for everyone, it does serve as an outlet for many. One of the widely talked about types of dreams are the ones in which people die. Dreamlore from many centuries ago deemed that a dream of death, such as falling and not waking from it meant that the person would indeed perish (or that if they dreamt of another form of death it would occur). It is rare that any of those old wives' tales talk about dreams where one dies and goes through a process of rebirth or reunion with their origins. While the dream warrior dies an earthly death, she returns to her world; while the omnikin starcede dies in a dream, she returns to the cosmos before going back out into the worlds; while the googly-eyed monster dreams of sleeping on a viking ship across the mad raving seas, for which death would serve as moksha for his cyclic time loop.

Sometimes dreams in general are a filtering of the subconscious, or so they claim, and other times they're not. Some people wake from their dreams with physical evidence of their adventures - a cut here, a burn there. Upon waking, the mind is so fresh it remembers every little detail of a journey through an abyss, or a battle on a bloodsoaked earthen ground. Sometimes, its too much detail to handle, and we shove it off into the farthest reaches of our minds, just as children do with traumatic life-events. Children also do it with traumatic past-life memories.

There is, of course, another theory to the Oracle of dreamtime; that it is, indeed, a time when we are active in another realm. The astral realm is often termed the realm of dreams because it is believed that people who have had very nearly-real dreams who wake with scratches or burns on had actually been scratched or burned in some way in their dream, or in the astral realm.

So imagine now if you will, we have a long hard day and go to sleep at night. And at night our bodies, in another realm become active and breathe, eat, make love, seek adventure, and even see some degree of combat, which we later perceive as a thing called dreaming, when we wake with fragmented memories. We do this every night, but we don't always remember what we dream. Talk about a continually interesting life.

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