By LadyTia

"Round the table I tell you one and all, there's been a harsh injustice. The council must do something! We must retaliate with force! If we don't, we'll all be washed aside. I'll not rest until we take action against them for what they've done!" shouted the irate noblewoman, demanding the council, before which she stood, do something. She heard the whispers of the other delegates behind her as she expressed her heart felt anger towards two raven haired kin whom she had become quite fond of.

On the other side of the oval tables, a row of 7. Six listening intently and one in hysterical anguish. The lady on the left donned in a long flowing reddish orange gown, with shoulder length dark hair. Others wore darker colours; some in black, others in grey, others still in blue. Members of the council listened intently as each issued complaints and suggestions on what should be done.

The dark ones came from the north, who had plundered and destroyed villages. It was becoming increasingly frustrating for everyone. The raven-haired man who sat next to his sister, who was also of a fair complexion with raven hair, that was Haer'laan. He had very deep emerald eyes, like his sister, Haer'ern. Both were great warriors, and very gracious hosts. A few times I remember standing in the shade of a tree and looking towards two open double doors, up the steps, and seeing Haer'laan standing there donning a smirk.

Time spent with he and his sister, Haer'ern, was always time well spent, even when we were planning to strike back at the dark ones. Sadly, Haer'ern had already been taken by them by that time, and we grew more strained, planning tactics to strike back. Haer'laan was strained as much as any of us in the council, if not more. After all, it had been his sister they had taken. Other members of council had lost things to the dark ones as well - land, loved ones, etc. The mournful one from the council I think had lost everyone he ever loved - the redhead in hysterical anguish.

We worked on a hand code, where Haer'laan led the attack and gave the signal to strike. It was a deeply stressful time. There was a tall man with endearing eyes and braided locks who had adorned several medicinal charms (as it was his nature and study) who would always stand by me. He looked like a chieftain, but was a guard, and a friend. There was an ambush and everyone took on one of the dark ones, this I do remember, for when it was over there was a showdown between a dark one in great size and Haer'laan. My guard stood by me as we watched this showdown.

It morphed part of its body into the shape of a sword and fought Haer'laan. As their weapons met their eyes did too and there was never a more hateful expression between the two. Haer'laan moved for a brief second and the dark one drove its sword shape through his body. This brought Haer'laan to his knees but not to a halt in the fight. He struggled for a moment and came back up, striking through the dark one with his sword, plunging it deep into the thing, causing it to scream a very straining sound as it breathed its final breaths.

Long before the raven-haired twins sat in council, their statue was erected in Onyx or some other black stone material, being observed by a young man with a deep smug look upon his face. Inside the alcove, the statue of the twin leaders, as they would appear when in their adult life, had gone up in honor of them, years before they were even conceived. To the left of the statue a half circle had been cut out of the wall, wherein ivy grew over a lattice. It was quite decorative and its position in the hallway caught the first rays of the morning sun. It was a symbol which stirs great emotions in me, even now, that wherever I find Haer'laan and Haer'ern, together, I find life, catching the first rays of light.

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