A short collection of poems by LadyTia.

Contours (Crimson Shadows)

in the shadows of the rose I lie
i want you; i desire to lure you in with my fragrance
and so i shall
and you can't resist my vivid petals
i can resist your gaze but you cannot resist mine
i can give you your every desire -
but once your energy is mine, there will be nothing left for you to offer
but this is not how i want it to go down
i struggle to live by a code known to few for centuries
and not to easily take what's rightfully yours
tomorrow they come for me
the others who dwell in darkness, given high regard to my prowess
and the next day the hunters, secretly looking to spill my blood
tonight i drink to the hope that the two shall meet
missing me altogether and finding their ends by one another


where red roses lie
lay i
gazing into the night
until the air ripples like water
through a visage to see my reflection
reflective of who I really am
and all that I miss
what I - Miss Information gives out
and what she holds back

Of all the frenzied masses gathered
shouting their woes
for none other but the wails of the political religion
my heart cries out for the lifeforce alone
not the politics
nor the correctness of virtues
such as dogs who only see black and white
Of delegates who prefer an invention of grey
because it masks the sharpness of skintones

piercing vulgarities in the dead of night
a light show of prearranged delight
light none other than the blind
delight them asunder for the gates open
and we wouldn't want them to see what was really going on
instead its arranged that they'll tear each other apart
from the inside out
and when Yama draws a circle on Kashmir
it only fades to dust
but as the gnostics of old
whose far fetched descendents are delivered to penalty
and not justice
let it be them under a witch hunt
to preoccupy the good followers

give me an inch to breathe
it gives me a few more feet to believe
things will swing back into action
for those of us who keep secrets by day
and hold services by the late hour light
where in the night
knows the balance and understands the fight


a word very deserving of the name game
you can take the red pill or the blue pill
I'd love to tell you that
but that's not how its going to work out tonight
and don't give me 'but the world needs...'
because what the world really needs
are less people declaring what it needs
and more actions reactions and reality checks
Less crying out to be heard
and more demands
Demanding demonstrations of how we will ever
stop tomorrow from being just another yesterday



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