A collection of poems by Flame.

Untitled 1

I just don't know what to say.
It is just to hard.
All the things that are important to me can be taken away.
Everything is clouded and grey.

Untitled 2

Everything is bound by an unbreakable string.
I am oppressed by all who surround me.
Most are talkative, and some are silent.

I would like for all to dissapper
but i know all too well that it can not be.
To me life has become a journey
to which i have not found a meaning.

I have often wondered why
I am here; but i ultimately know
that i will never find out.

The roads that i have traveled
and the roads i have not yet come upon
i have not yet found the way to go
but for now i will go my own way.

Untitled 3

A moment has past. But nothing had yet to move.
Some have gone yet some have some have stayed.
Mostly now time just drifts by.

Almost always just goes away
and now no one comes or goes away.

Untitled 4

There are things that no one cares about,
there are things that everyone knows.
I know that I am alone, and you are not.
There is no way that I can tell you how much it hurts,
can't tell how much pain is inside.
I don't know what life has become,
I don't know where it will go.
I am afraid of what might become.

This has changed
and things will never be the same.

Untitled 5

Pictures though,
they are painful reminders
of the way things used to be.
I know their sight all too well.

I am tried of being alone
and still i know that i might be better off that way.
Things have changed, thing no longer seem real.
To much has happened for me to forget.

Now i sit and wonder how things will end
for now they are gone and never will they be the same.



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