Exerpt from "Journals of Enlightenment"

by LadyTia

At the same time it seems crucial to mention the interaction between Crimsona and an older woman of a darker complexion; a short and stockier frame who was well known for the status granted to her by her long flowing dark hair. Marlene was her name. Ever since Marlene's youth, she had been all over the frontiers that dreams are lived upon. Even she had her own destiny to experience.

Once upon a time, Marlene held an essence similar to Crimsona's, which could be seen by few as a bluish aura or sphere. In the time of her travels she wound up in compromising circumstances with a couple ancient bringers of doom. Upon a frightening uncertainty, to her surprise she was guarded by a tall, shiny headed stranger who possessed great strength. From the legends of Gods rarely to never heard of, came this male figure to protect Marlene, the long-haired child of the cosmos. In all the knowledge she had acquired, the enlightenment came at a very costly price. Her essence, sadly, had been ripped out and replaced with another. The guardianship over her new star-like essence, too, held a high price for the work he had done, making her his earthly concubine.

Crimsona, saddened by the choice Marlene had made, vowed she would not fall by the same circumstances. Crimsona, aware that she too held this sacred sphere-like essence knew she was in danger of losing it. One night she lie upon her bed in a restful position. A strange feeling crept over her as she witnessed the arrival of beings she had never seen before. Suddenly she became paralyzed in her position. She turned to her left where her eyes scanned a large-framed figure padded with an ample amount of adipose tissue. Across his front torso two belts of firearm ammunition and two dark circles where eyes should be. He sat without the slightest movement or expression upon his face. She heard a strange noise scurrying about to her right and glanced in that direction to see what she had heard. A strange cat-like body with sharp, statically-charged hair all over it had been the origin of the scurrying noise. The two figures moved aside upon the arrival of their master. He had no name by which Crimsona could identify, though few strands of long hair pulled forward hung over his dark eyes as his creamy facial complexion surfaced through the darkness. He approached Crimsona as though his agenda was to interrogate, stepping slow and reaching a hand through her chest. Upon the contact, Crimsona screamed internally with indescribable pain as she channeled energy to prevent the stranger from completing his task. Without a spoken word he came to the realization that his task would be more difficult than he had originally thought.

He backed away and stared down at her, quickly seeping into her mind for a glimpse of a pathway to his goal. The lack of conversation soon developed into an active telepathic conversation. The strange man insisted that she would allow him to take her soul, and adamantly she refused. As she attempted to force him out of her mind a figure of a mysterious nature had appeared to her right. The tall, flesh toned creature stood on a rope swing, hanging from a position juxtaposed in the darkness. His eyes burned between red and black as he kept his expansive wings behind him. Without leaving his post, he passed an invisible barrier over top of Crimsona and absorbed the beings who had been bothering her. Crimsona started to move and was able to get a good look at the entity who had assisted her. She looked upon his massive musculature and then noticed the long flesh-toned horns. He spoke to her in a very low octave-rough, slurry dialect. If she had never seen him standing there on the swing, Crimsona would still have known that language as a demon dialect. As soon as he finished speaking to her, he vanished.


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